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We are the agency that works with the world’s most well known technology companies and next generation innovators. Our tech pedigree is rooted in Silicon Valley, where our deep relationships and 30-year track record of success allows for a second-to-none global perspective on the multi-dimensional changes confronting technology brands of any size, in any region.

We transform technology companies into power brands. Our proven process shapes a storytelling narrative that capitalizes on product innovation but broadens the platform to give our technology clients, whether B2B or B2C, a differentiating voice as market shapers.

By reframing our clients’ value proposition we are able to move the narrative past functional products and services and into a larger life and work-enhancing context. We help brands talk the new languages these audiences are speaking, shifting the conversation from what the technology does to why audiences should care – and helping to build armies of loyal customers and evangelists in the process.

  • Connective Storytelling: Creative minds from the collective worlds of journalism, communications and business working in synchronicity to tell technology stories that stay with you  
  • Integrated Communications: Creative, digital and social expertise that extends brand credibility via PESO channel engagement
  • Influencer Engagement: Identifying, engaging and evangelizing authoritative voices from across the spectrum to enhance brand credibility and authenticity

 Today’s technology world has higher stakes and a faster pace. The four super trends of cloud computing, big data, always on mobile and social networking are driving unprecedented change in how technology companies innovate, productize and go-to-market.

Consumers have become critical partners in getting a brand to the next level.  Power brands leverage influencers and build engagement with consumers around the world.  Power brands are able to articulate a higher purpose that breaks out of the tech box and makes global agenda setters take notice.  Power brands also embrace the radical transparency that is demanded by today’s consumer. When an issue hits, whether it’s about privacy, data breaches, or DOS attacks, power brands don’t shy away from the conversation... they lean into it.

We have more than 100 professionals in 70 countries and 103 offices, all working seamlessly together with consumer and business technology companies to support and help them grow, whether they are start-up, business in transition or multinational.

Our expertise spans consumer electronics, mobile and wireless, health care, social networking and enterprise IT – and how the business of technology is increasingly being influenced and shaped by consumer thinking and attitudes.

What we can do is build you a bigger voice and platform to transform you into a true power brand, set up for sustainable success.

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