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Turning Data Into Insights and Insights Into Impact

The proliferation and generation of data has become an imperative to marketing. Today, brands that can precisely target audiences and intersect with consumers, in the moments that matter, with the language and content that matter, are the ones staying ahead of the competition and demonstrating real business impact. It sounds easy, but most brands either don’t have the right data, a way to integrate their data, or a strategic way to turn their data into insights for impact.

Ketchum Analytics services and suite of solutions can help marketing and communications leaders not only gather data but become data smart by turning data into insights and insights into impact.

Intelligence Personified

We understand that data is only part of the equation for precision communications.  Using our proprietary solutions, our award-winning team of statisticians, analysts, strategists and planners take a consultative approach to helping brands realize their goals.

Ketchum Analytics +

Ketchum Analytics, AMEC’s 2020 Most Effective Media Intelligence, Research & Insights Company, supports clients with omniearnedID™. This insights-driven tool, powered by a robust data engine, integrates multiple layers of data, giving brands access to real-time customer consumption, engagement and buying behaviors across the customer journey. With omniearnedID, brands have the volume of audience data they want, visibility on sales impact, the ability to shift the gears as they need and future proof for market and cultural trends.

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Data alone doesn’t lead to insights. Today’s communications professionals must connect the mountain of accessible data to what it means and why it matters to deliver impactful communications.

Using Precision Communications Planning, brands can harvest insights, understand audiences, inform content and channel strategy, and target goals more accurately and efficiently.


American Marketing Association (AMA) Coffee Break Series: The New Data Divide: Smart vs. Rich 

2022 will continue to deliver a wealth of data, but it’s not enough to be data-rich – marketers need to be data-smart. Learn about a new approach to data that uses the past to predict the future, integrates communications into the mix and proves the direct path from campaigns to the cash register in this discussion with Mary Elizabeth Germaine, Partner and Managing Director, Analytics, and Jamey Peters, Partner and Chief Client Operations Officer, North America.

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Mary Elizabeth Germaine 
Partner / Managing Director

Under her leadership, Ketchum Analytics received AMEC’s 2020 Platinum Award for the most effective media intelligence, research & insights company. Since joining the agency in 2001, Mary Elizabeth has been instrumental in growing the Analytics team to number well over 60 in 12 cities globally. Mary Elizabeth counsels clients on how to make the best use of analytics and derives insights to develop strategic communication program, with work that spans the entire communications process — from planning to testing to evaluation. She has also worked alongside Omnicom PR Group’s chief innovation officer in the development of a new precision communications platform, omniearnedID and recently served as a judge at Cannes.