B2B Marketing & Communications

At Ketchum, we see beyond B2B.

Breaking through in B2B requires more than just sound B2B marketing strategies and communications plans. It requires precise navigation of what we like to call the B2B2C Ecosystem: Consumers, C-suite, Customers, Colleagues and Community. It requires understanding the growing demand for transparency and evolving expectations for what transparency means. It requires inside-out communications, bolstered by the right processes, analytics and insights to deliver these communications effectively. And it requires deep industry expertise to navigate this ecosystem’s complexities to reach your most important audiences in meaningful ways.

Full-service B2B Marketing & Communications + Ketchum Analytics, Intelligence Personified

We’re a full-service B2B communications consultancy built on award-winning analytics and creative. With teams in 70 countries, our B2B specialists can support everything from hyper-local activations to highly coordinated global campaigns. There are no generalists here. The B2B stories we tell your customers are in their industry language, their media and put what matters most to them front and center.

And some of our most powerful B2B work is delivered in partnership with our award-winning Ketchum Analytics team and powered by omniearnedID. OmniearnedID is our industry-first analytics platform that brings a new level of custom insights to the B2B world, enabling better targeting of B2B audiences, insight into top-performing LinkedIn content by job title, the ability to design and measure influencer campaigns tailored to the unique attributes of the B2B key opinion leader ecosystem, and the ability to understand the impact of B2B audiences’ exposure to campaigns on brand reputation.

Our B2B marketing and communications services include:

Earned Media Relations and Storytelling

Executive Visibility and Thought Leadership

Influencer and Stakeholder Engagement

Reputation and Issues Management

Content Creation and Optimization

Social Media Strategy and Activation

Employee Engagement and Communications

Sustainability and Purpose Communications

Introducing Ketchum’s C-Suite Impact Solution

Reaching the C-suite can mean boosting sales, improving reputation, influencing culture, sparking partnerships and neutralizing tough issues.   But there is no group of people harder to reach.  With their time and attention in constant demand, how do you know if your content is reaching them? And if it is, is it sparking measurable impact?

Ketchum’s C-Suite Impact solution, delivered by Ketchum Analytics and powered by omniearnedID, can identify what types of content and media channels are reaching the C-suite titles and industries that are important to you.  We also understand how to reach senior leaders that influence the C-suite and drive day-to-day business decisions. This means creating content that will break through – and having data to prove results.

  • Leverage analytics intelligence to craft the stories that matters to the C-suite
  • Analyze data on media channel consumption
  • Identify events and moments in time when C-suite members are more open to consuming content
  • Measure impact of content beyond engagement – linking to measurable business impacts such as lead generation or brand lift

Interested in talking B2B marketing and communication? Contact Melissa Kinch


Partner, North America Portfolio Leader, Technology and Food, Agriculture & Ingredients

Melissa leads our B2B marketing specialty. She is partner and North America portfolio leader for Technology and Food, Agriculture & Ingredients, specializing in business-to-business branding, corporate communications, issues management, corporate branding and strategic philanthropy/CSR.