Ananse: Amazon Warriors Safe Collection

With Brazil experiencing the worst yellow fever outbreak in decades, Little George, Ketchum’s Brazilian creative shop, went to work with scientists at Ananse. Together, they created mosquito-repelling toys, including the first mosquito-repellent storybook, crayons, and children’s superhero cape. Ketchum distributed the toys to villages throughout the Amazon jungle where even topical repellents are scarce. Within weeks, we’d earned more than 67,000 media stories, generating 500 million impressions, in 30 countries. Three hundred stories on social media were viewed and shared 4.5+ million times. Most importantly, in the first months there were no reports of yellow fever outbreaks among children in these villages.

  • 2017 El Ojo de Iberoamérica - 2x Silver Winner
  • 2017 CLIO Health Bronze Winner
  • 2017 Cannes Lions Winner: Bronze Health & Wellness Lion
  • 2017 Cannes Lions Winner: Silver PR Lion