I] Banking and Financial Public Relations & Communications Services

As India’s leading financial public relations firm, some of our areas of specialized service are Insurance; Banking; Private Equity and Venture Capital; Securities Firms; Microfinance and Financial Transactions like, IPOs, M&As, global listings, privatization bids, de-listings, ownership changes and debt issuances. We work with industry leaders in the BFSI space..

II] Brand & Consumer Marketing Public Relations

As India’s leading Brand and Marketing public relations agency, our Consumer Marketing Practice has expertise in building campaigns that target consumers by region, culture, lifestyle and interests and cover all major consumer categories like Media and Entertainment; Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Retail; Luxury Brands; Automotive Industry; Telecom; Travel and Tourism; Hospitality; Sports and Event Marketing; Restricted Industries

III] Public Relations for Industry Associations

We believe the role of corporate communications as a management function is to help Associations and Corporate Bodies cultivate strong, positive relationships with their most important publics -- investors, government officials, employees, and communities.  

IV] Technology Public Relations

Ketchum's Technology Practice provides strategic public relations and marketing communications that tell the story of how technology changes the way we work and live. We use our reach and expertise to support clients that range from global leaders such as Nokia, IBM and Kodak to early-stage innovators.

V] Infrastructure Public Relations

Our long track record of working with infrastructure corporations in the steel, cement, road, shipping, construction, and energy sectors, we offer clients a range of services, including sustainability communications, social media communications, financial communications and competitive positioning strategy.

VI] Pharma and Healthcare Public Relations Ketchum Sampark is helping pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, medical associations and medical device manufacturers navigate today’s complex healthcare environment.

VII] Public Relations Professional Services

We represent some of the top consulting firms in legal, executive-search, recruitment, market-research and communication services. Our credo is “Industry leadership through thought leadership."

VIII] Public Relations for Niche Expertise

We represent some of the top consulting firms in legal, executive-search, recruitment, market-research and communication services areas.

IX] Social Media & Digital Public Relations Ketchum Sampark Digital services range from social media engagement to blogging, podcasts to webisodes, search engine optimization to viral marketing, Web design to micro site development, and graphic design to branding identity.