Mobile RepProtect

There's only one piece of equipment crisis managers carry all the time. No, it's not a crisis binder or a laptop. It's a smartphone. Now, your crisis plan can live on your iOS or Android device thanks to Mobile RepProtect.

Crises happen 24/7. The best way to handle them, is to be fully prepared for them. Thanks to Mobile RepProtect, you'll be ready for any crisis that comes your way. 

Core Features

  • Customizable Content: Since no two crisis plans are the same.
  • Easy to Navigate: Jump to any part of the crisis plan in a flash.
  • Password Protected: In case a smartphone is lost or stolen.
  • "Alert" Capability: Contact the main crisis manager on breaking situations via email or a phone call within the app.
  • Wide Distribution: No limit on the amount of an organization's users can have access to the app.
  • Evergreen: Updates to the app available when the crisis plan gets updated.
  • Cuts-n-Paste: Ability to cut-and-paste strategies and statements straight from scenario plans to distribute via email, SMS-text, etc.
  • User-Access Controlled: Plans can be quickly de-activated if there is a staff turnover or if a smartphone gets lost.

Optional Features

  • Distribution List Maintenance: Alert different subject-matter experts based on the type of crisis.
  • Interactive Fact-Gathering Worksheets: Type, save and send key information to the rest of your crisis team.
  • Geo-Tagging: Enabled map features.
  • Photography: Ability to take and share images from within the app - helpful for location-based disasters.

Client Testimonial

“Our app quickly proved its value to Tanger Outlets during the early, beta-test stage of our deployment," said Quentin Pell, Director of Communications at Tanger Outlets. "The morning of a proactive media event we learned of a crisis situation that occurred close to one of our nearby stores. Within a few clicks of our crisis management app, we had guidance through our pre-approved scenario plan and other tools designed to manage the situation and prepare our spokesperson. Previously, this may have taken more than an hour to contact our off-site team, gather internal and agency resources, customize a statement, get approval and align our corporate response. With Mobile RepProtect, we had what we needed in about ten clicks and eight seconds. It proved its value right there.”

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