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In an economy estimated at $3.7 trillion, the wellness movement represents a rich opportunity for mainstream and natural brands alike.

Ketchum is a leader in wellness influence and knows how to make brands relevant for consumers as they pursue their wellness journey.

Our Influence of Wellness study captured the importance of the Wellness Influencer – and revealed that they tend to be young, male and more likely than the average consumer to pursue mindfulness and positive relationships as wellness goals.

Ketchum knows the wellness consumer, their influencers, and most importantly, how to make brands relevant to both. Here are a few ways we can help:

“Be the Authentic Brand” Discovery Session:
We help you understand where and when you can insert your brand authentically into the whole-life wellness market by discovering your brand’s most compelling and credible claims.

Wellness Influencer Screening and Benchmarking:
Our proprietary screening process identifies wellness influencers in your topic area. We then execute a benchmark survey to evaluate Influencer awareness, attitudes and behaviors that relate to your brand.

Wellness Influencer Mapping and Messaging:
We work with you to create a comprehensive map of the wellness influencers who matter to your brand, along with messaging and a tactical plan.