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Ketchum Purpose

Driven by a combination of consumer, employee and board demand, cost efficiency and altruistic principles, companies are institutionalizing their commitment to purpose, which incliudes sustainability, corporate social responsibility and shared value initiatives.

However your brand defines its purpose, at Ketchum we believe companies have an opportunity to showcase progress, successes – and even address challenges in a responsible, factual and honest manner.

We provide strategic counsel on defining vision, gathering and reporting results and making a greater impact. Whether your company is at the beginning of your sustainability program or steeped in action, our team of experts can help you:

  • Align your vision to make a regional or global impact with programs that bring your initiatives to life
  • Analyze your potential and existing commitments, actions and performance and align your existing efforts with global trends, innovations and stakeholder expectations
  • Develop strategic sustainability platforms and provide counsel, resources and hands-on communication strategies to help you drive behavior and positive change
  • Map and measure results in correlation with your brand’s health and corporate reputation