Ketchum Digital Brazil Celebrates its Five-Year Anniversary

brazilFive years. It seems just a little, but when it comes to the Internet and social media, it sounds like an eternity. Five years ago in Brazil, we hadn’t heard about Facebook and Twitter, two of the most frequently used social networks in the world, nor were we well versed in Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and a number of other social networks.

From the planning to the conception of Ketchum Digital in Sao Paulo´s office in 2008 called Ketchum Interactive Communication (KIC), we are about to exceed 400 people. We seeded information about pads on Orkut, batteries on blogs, diapers on Formspring, finance on YouTube, stress on Facebook,  bariatric surgery on Twitter and so on. We use a wide variety of techniques including texts ranging from extremely long or 140 characters, images, videos, infographics, research, gifts, boxes and tickets.

Over time, our first campaigns with bloggers and Orkut communities got better and gained greater relevance. We invented new products and tools and enhanced our service offering in Social and Digital to encompass the following: MMR, Social Media Monitoring, Virtual News Agency, Social Media Diagnosis, Community Management, Video Production and Animation, Microsites, Applications for Facebook and Smartphones. Plus, a lot more things are in pipeline.

With all this work, we won some awards, gained recognition in Ketchum’s network around the world and kept our clients happy. But most importantly, we´ve grown over these five years from both our challenges and our successes. We are genuinely excited about what we do. We believe we are in the center of an impending change in the communications and public relations industry and that we are achieving a better understanding of developments in digital for both our company and our clients.

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