Agile Content in the Age of WFH

In the age of working and living from home (WFH), content is a muchneeded source of substance consumers crave. Traditional content production has been shaken, with studio spaces shutting their doors, traditional production crews packing up and communications professionals across the globe wondering “What should we and CAN we post?”  


First, let’s chat messaging. It’s important to connect robust elements of strategy that solve for distinct objectives in all the content we create. It would be easy to simply just scale back and cut original content, but there’s a far greater opportunity to realign brand content with the current needs of consumers.  

Analyze your product offering and seek new connections to a consumer benefit that may have been previously sidelined. Creators must ask themselves fundamental questions: Can consumers find my product right now? Does my product fill a necessity or want? If they can, our general guide is to tweak messaging away from lofty aspirations to togetherness and from portability to functionality. More granular messaging can be created with deeper guidance from the Ketchum team. 

This is a time to offer support and information to consumers that help them cut through the static and gain clarity on what functional or emotional benefit a brand may have for them. 


Composed content is using found/sourced/licensed/past imagery in new ways. Use clever overlays, brand colors and design know-how to create a virtual layout. It’s a great opportunity to repurpose B-Roll and other assets that may have never been published before. 

Content as Commerce is a great way to create a new distribution channel for products. On channels like Instagram, it’s easy to design content that supports “tap to buy” and is a low-friction, WFHfriendly way to introduce or reinforce individual products to potential customers in a completely virtual way. 

Re-post visual imagery that performed well in the last 18 months. Adjust the post copy for maximum efficacy in a new form. 

User-generated content can be a great way to bond consumers together from their homes. It’s a simple way of showing that we’re all in this together. It should be managed with a very detailed list of criteria to ensure it’s well-vetted and supports the brand’s overall mission and message. 

The dialogue cemented with customers during a difficult time will pay dividends when life returns to a more familiar pace. Instead of packing up, going dark, and losing the relevance you worked so hard to earn, step forward, stay positive, and be there for your audience.

Stay safe and be creative. We’re here to help.

Chris Magura is an associate creative director at Ketchum specializing in the craft of content and relatable storytelling in the digital space.