Top Ten Facebook User Pet Peeves of 2011

I’m connected with a bunch of friends and colleagues on Facebook and thought it would be fun to do a quick poll to find out the top ten Facebook user pet peeves of 2011.

You’ll probably agree with most of the findings, and you may even think to yourself, “I’ve done that!”

The following top 10 list is based off of input from friends and colleagues, and from personal observations over time. Have anything to add? Feel free to do so in the comments section.

10. Posting 50 rap videos in a row: I love hip hop and I know that MTV hasn’t played music videos in like twenty years but 50? In a row? Really?

9. Complaining that you can’t sleep: Get of Facebook and shut your eyes.

8. Listing all the errands you ran that day: I don’t like running my own errands let alone reading someone else’s. Unless, you run really cool errands like picking up exotic pet food…

7. Only quoting song lyrics: Get off Facebook and go Karaoke

6. Using your status updates to pedal green tea vitamins, holistic skin care and whatever other pyramid scheme you are involved with this week.

5. Daily inspirational quotes:  Yuck

4. Posting inappropriately intimate photos: Don’t you want to keep some things private, as in not shared with 700 of your closest friends AND their friends?

3. Passive aggressive update: Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive! It’s more interesting…

2. Giving away TV/movie ending or sports scores: You are the 1 percent that does not DVR.

1. Posting top ten lists: Oops!

Lauren Sugarman is an SVP, Strategic & Creative Planner who works with Ketchum client across categories including food, retail and CPG. She’s also a children’s book author, mom or three and Bravo-holic.