Social Media Week Infographic

A live hangout and the psychology of online influence: day 4 at Social Media Week London

Day four of Social Media Week London saw the much heralded Google+ talk. With a packed turnout and a live Google hangout allegedly converting many of the attendees to the possibility of this medium – “The woman from Google who demonstrated Google Hangouts deserves a promotion – she’s just convinced the whole room” (@NextBigThingCo). A flurry of tweets revealed some more interesting discussions:

“Google+ is much more visual than Facebook or Twitter – if you don’t post an image your post will be lost #smwldnDoco #SMWLDN #smwGoogle” (@kerryjeanliste)

“80% of people on Google+ interact with it on a weekly basis, 60% on a daily basis according to Google at #smwldn” (@DannyWhatmough)

“Consensus from a room of SM community managers “we have a google plus page but….just in case” #smwldn”  (@RoseMcGrory)

Despite all the related tweets, it’s slightly surprising that “Google” didn’t enter into our top word list. The conversation, however, highlights some of the conflicting opinions that persist around the platform.

Global sponsor Nokia remained at the forefront of conversation, as did the terms reflecting the popularity of this year’s livestreaming and the very ‘social’ nature of the week. While the conversation may be about what’s online, the action this week is very much offline.