Posts:February 2012

Quotes and Photos from TED: Day 1

by Sarah Unger| February 29, 2012

Prior to arriving at TED I knew I wanted to share the experience with you by way of Twitter and the Ketchum blog, but I don’t know that I anticipated it being quite so hard to choose what to share. I mean, this is TED, the land of only great content. It’s kind of like […]

Getting Blown Away at TED

by Sarah Unger| February 28, 2012

Sarah is currently experiencing her first time at TED, and she will be reporting back her experiences on the blog this week. Yesterday on my pre-TEDActive activity I got to venture out into the Coachella Valley to take a closer look at sustainable energy — wind farms in the flesh. Vaguely understanding the concept of […]

My First Time at TED

by Sarah Unger| February 27, 2012

TED. The one mind-blowing, brain-enhancing event that everyone wants to experience. I haven’t met a single person familiar with TED who doesn’t wish they could be up there on the podium, presenting worthy material in a concise format, landing on revelatory insights to share with a broad audience (made only broader by the viral pass-along […]

What’s Hot In…. Consumer Marketing

by Kelley Skoloda| February 24, 2012

This post was first featured in The Holmes Report. Every time a recession looms, public relations prognosticators repeat the same conventional wisdom, that cost-conscious brand-builders will shift spending away from advertising and into PR in order to get more bang for their marketing buck. And every time a recession actually hits, marketers fail to deliver […]

Book Review: The Business of Influence by Philip Sheldrake

by Girish Balachandran| February 23, 2012

The first book I read on the subject of Influence was by Dr.Robert Cialdini. He wrote about the psychology of persuasion and explains why people say “yes” and how to apply these understandings to everyday life. Philip Sheldrake’s book on the Business of Influence moves the conversation from influencing individuals to how organizations exert influence.

Three Podcasts To Feed Your Creative Brain

by Nancy Martira| February 22, 2012

I listen to a ton of podcasts – literally, one metric ton[i].  Between my subway commute, walking the dog, and not watching practically any television, podcasts are how I consume arts, culture, and keep my brain occupied while I’m washing the dishes. Here are some trusted favorites I turn to when I want to change […]