Twitter Keyword Targeting

I love to Tweet – and I especially love to #asktwitter. When I don’t know what to do, where to go, what to try, I will turn to the masses and see what answers can be sourced by my followers.

Here’s an example, as someone with naturally curly hair, I occasionally complain about it being frizzy and if anyone knows a good curl cream. If you are a hair care brand and have a product suggestion, wouldn’t you want me to know? Perhaps you may even offer me a discount – an incentive to purchase! Not only have you given me a reason to consider your brand, but you’ve let me know you’re listening.

Now, Twitter has introduced keyword targeting in timeline.

You can be quite specific in the Twitter Ads UI/API (available in all languages and markets where Twitter Ads are supported) and drill down by:

  • Keyword(s) – phrase match or unordered keyword match
  • Geographic location
  • Device
  • Gender
  • Where you want the ads to appear – timeline or search results

On twitter’s blog, they’ve posted a great example:


If you’re talking about needing a coffee, and a coffee brand in your area can target you with a coupon – wouldn’t that be exciting? You can see the ROI directly too.

There’s great potential here for clients. With keyword targeting, you can reach a user at the exact moment when they express their intent.