Is your Brand Prepared for a Date with Pinterest?

Did you know that 80% of what we learn about the world and in fact, personally connect with comes to us visually, especially when it comes to online dating?

In fact, we typically have an immediate reaction to colors, images and style choices almost instantaneously. Hot or not? Sexy or sleazy? Cute or ugly? Or just plain meh? All of these are gut reactions Freud so clinically referred to as unconscious judgments. We commonly tag, like, peg, or label who or what we care about or don’t care about online with a quick click.

Pinterest: The Collector of Passions

Pinterest, the web-based “pinboard”, which launched almost two years ago, is the newest online love interest of many brands and consumers alike where you can now “pin” your passions. Pinterest is a visual social network that organizes images by topic and lets users reshare with just one click. (If only eHarmony and had met the likes of Pinterest in their early days of online matchmaking algorithm programming!) CNN has already predicted Pinterest to be one of 2012’s hottest websites.

Pinterest: Visual Positioning for Your Brand

So, now, I ask all of you marketers, brand managers and communications professionals out there, is your brand truly ready for a successful date with Pinterest?

Think about what your visceral, visual reaction is to your brand’s online profile. Brand positions are often created using words, not images, though people truly experience brands primarily visually. Pinterest empowers user to curate visual content from anywhere on the web in a digital scrapbooking sort of way. What interests “pinners” is fashion, creativity, DIY projects, cooking, unique vacations and much more. In fact, in 2010, Pinterest was the top traffic referrer for fashion brand website and largely the visual social network of choice among women age 25-34 with annual income of 25k-75k per year.

Here are 6 simple ways you can prepare your brand’s image for an online date with Pinterest and its users:

  1. Tell visually interesting stories about your brand. Attractive and informative infographs and visual guide tools and resources are great way to gain pinners attention while educating prospective customers as well.
  2. Let pinners see your brand’s true personality. Find unique methods for creating content by using Pinterest boards to create a topic, special interest, poster or even a wish list.
  3. Take the date to second base. Be sure to include links with the opportunity to immediately purchase products highly preferred and difficult to pass up!
  4. Don’t be shy with putting your brand out there. Conduct an audit of all of your content and be prepared to share a variety of images that might appeal to your target audiences – and not only through Pinterest, but across your other social media platforms including Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr and others – where the resharing may ultimately begin with the user.
  5. Just be yourself! Um, your brand self that is. Pinners don’t seek to be marketed to, but rather romanced by stylish, creativity, visuals and uncomplicated ideas.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the etiquette. Brands should also take a quick minute to familiarize with Pinterest’s “pin etiquette” tips, to understand the community’s culture.

Follow these tips and your brand will be on the right path to one of its most meaningful and personal relationships by speaking directly to customer’s many and varied sought traits in brands they love.