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Kick Start Your Career with a Ketchum Internship, Fellowship or James Maxwell Program.

Are you passionate about your education and your career? Are you enthusiastic? Do you thrive in a team environment? Are you interested in exploring the opportunities afforded those who work for a top global public relations firm? If you answered "yes" to the above questions and have what it takes to work in the fast-paced world of communications, read on to find out how you can kick start your career at Ketchum.

This isn't a making copies and picking up coffee kind of internship.

What do we look for in candidates?

We look for candidates with strong writing capabilities, intellectual curiosity, impeccable multitasking abilities, an interest in digital, savvy with social media and a strong work ethic. Candidates should also be eager to learn and willing to go above and beyond.

Why Ketchum? Why PR?

In 2012, PRWeek named Ketchum Agency of the Year, an accolade of which we’re incredibly proud. Ketchum truly represents what it means to be a global firm with highly respected leadership, a celebrated culture, and the ability to always remain on the cutting edge of the industry. With five global practice areas -- Brand Marketing, Corporate Communications, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, and Technology -- and numerous specialty areas, Ketchum holds firm to its position as a true industry leader.

While you'll form relationships with other interns or fellows by attending Ketchum University classes, external field trips and special events, you'll find it easy to adjust in your particular practice area or group. Our award-winning culture will keep your spirits high and creative juices flowing -- whether you're working with your team, playing in our softball league, or attending a special presentation.

Public relations, though always challenging and dynamic, has never been more exciting. You'll work directly on client accounts and feel the energy and satisfaction that makes every day at Ketchum rewarding -- and keeps our colleagues coming back for more.

Experience the full spectrum of the public relations profession in the city of your choice. Click here to view our current openings

North American Intern/Fellow Opportunities

Europe Internships and The James Maxwell Program