Cannes: A Visual Recap

This year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we were fortunate to have not one, but two top-tier illustrators on hand as part of the Ketchum delegation. Our post’s featured artist, Yasmine Cordes, is a director of business development based in our Berlin, Germany office. Yasmine won the opportunity to represent Ketchum at Cannes with her pitch to visually depict the festival through an artist’s eyes. The other visual artist in our delegation was none other than our Global CEO, Rob Flaherty. Aside from her daily sketches, Yasmine had the pleasure of partnering with Rob to create some wonderful illustrations based on takeaways from the festival. Below are a few highlights of Yasmine and Rob’s graphic recording work during Cannes. Click any image below to enlarge.

A dual visual wrap-up of Cannes from Rob Flaherty and Yasmine Cordes titled, “To succeed at Cannes, agencies must…”:


Rob’s illustration:


Yasmine’s illustration:


Yasmine’s recap of Ketchum Sounds’ “Art of the Deal Live!” panel featuring recording artist Natalie Imbruglia, Jeffrey Moran and EVP of Entertainment, Ketchum Sports & Entertainment and head of Ketchum Sounds, Marcus Peterzell:


Yasmine’s recap of Ketchum’s “Whatever You Do Don’t Call Them Grey, (Or Silver)” panel with Kristy Fuller, Stephen Reily and Ketchum’s Chief Strategy and Creativity Officer and 50+ co-lead, Karen Strauss:


Yasmine’s highlights from the Media, PR, Outdoor, Glass and Creative Effectiveness Lions Award Show:



Rob Flaherty’s take on words of wisdom from Brian Grazer at Cannes:


Yasmine’s Al Gore session recap:


Yasmine’s Evan Spiegel, Snapchat CEO session recap:


Yasmine’s Behind-the-Lense with Instagram session recap:


Rob Flaherty’s visual take on effective leadership from LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner:


Yasmine’s recap of Charles Day’s exceptional leadership session:


Yasmine’s, “The Art of  Relationships at Cannes”


Rob Flaherty is Chairman of Ketchum, the global communications consultancy with 130 offices and affiliates worldwide. He is on the board of the Arthur W. Page Society, the Institute for Public Relations and the advisory board of Room to Read, which focuses on literacy and girls education in developing nations. Follow Rob on Twitter at @flahertyrob.