Can Twitter Change The World? Day 3 of Social Media Week London

Day three of social media week started with a bang and, yet again, Social Media Week visitors showed a propensity towards early morning tweeting: a spike of conversation at 9am remained untopped throughout the day.

With some diverse events – from food photography to Social Business, and including trends in mobile and teenagers’ use of Social Media – the online chatter remained high on Wednesday but, according to our analysis of key words, largely unchanged. With references to Nokia, live streaming and business remaining in the top 15 words, the only notable addition on Wednesday was “Facebook”- although these references didn’t appear to follow a consistent theme.

One interesting trend was the move towards exploring the wider cultural impacts of social media –

“Let’s hope social can help us to solve some of the global problems we face collaboratively #likeminds #smwldn” (@waynegibbins)

But the debate wasn’t without scepticism –

“@lesanto: ES “A well aimed tweet can change the world” #likeminds #smwldn <do u have examples? i have serious doubts about it” (@ggheorghiu)

It will be interesting to see which examples are identified – and whether these are able to take the edge off this stat:

“RT @sesp: Made in Chelsea was Channel 4’s most tweeted about programme of 2011. Lord. #smwldn