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Pantene wanted to gain awareness for its brand equity, incorporating Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, which is a key pillar for P&G.


Truth of the moment: “Being who you want to be” ranks very high on society’s value scale today. Research by Ketchum with and in the community of transgender and non-binary persons showed that acceptance is still a big challenge in Belgian society expressed in prejudices, misconceptions and misgendering. 

Audience insight: The vast majority of the LGTBQ+ community consider hairstyle to be important in self-expression. 

Brand DNA: Pantene believes that great hair is a part of one’s confidence and well-being. 

Strategic intent: 

Drive acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community through visibility with an authentic role model from the community that fits with the brand. 

Creative idea:

We collaborated with Nora Monsecour to spotlight her as an authentic role model from the transgender community, becoming the first-ever brand ambassador for Pantene in Belgium. Nora is a professional dancer and transgender woman embodying the battle for acceptance and self-expression.  

This resulted in a unique brand ambassadorship with scale, preserving credibility by aligning brand and campaign mission with authentic and matching personalized storytelling. 

Preliminary results:

Media reach of 6,936,903 and influencer reach of 272,272, resulting in increased positive brand sentiment. 


Steven Platteeuw

Consumer Goods & Technology Lead


Content creation

Influencer marketing

Media relations

Minority awareness