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End Period Poverty


Belgians who lack the money to buy menstrual products often experience shame – which means they can be reluctant to ask others for pads or tampons and sometimes avoid discussing menstruation at all. Period poverty exacerbates school drop-out levels and social exclusion, as many young Belgians miss classes because they cannot buy period products. Against this backdrop, Always wanted to bring their global #EndPeriodPoverty movement to Belgium. 


We partnered with BruZelle, a credible local voice on menstrual precarity. BruZelle added meaning to the campaign beyond lip service – they acted as a voice for people living in period poverty, educated audiences on the social impact of the issue, and helped to normalise the act of asking for help and for free period products. 

We also launched a campaign with the prominent influencer-ambassadors Flo Windey and Emilie Liegeois. They visited BruZelle, launching a call for support across their fanbases. To further broaden the reach, we spread the hashtags #NonALaPrécaritéMenstruelle and #StopMenstruatieArmoede on social media through collaborations with other Belgian influencers.  They also posted photos drawing attention to items that people in period poverty may use as an alternative to pads – such as toilet paper or socks – under the hashtags #ThisIsNotAPad and #CeciN’estPasUneServiette. This educated followers on period poverty and mentioned instore actions by Always. 

  • 4+ million people reached, 6.4% engagement rate  
  • 500,000+ donations to BruZelle – a figure which normally takes the organisation 6 months to reach 
  • Best Influencer Campaign at Belgium’s Best of Reputation Awards  

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Consumer Goods & Technology Lead

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Account Lead, Healthcare Practice


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