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Social Media Week: The Formula for Marketing Success in 2019

by Alex Bochner| May 6, 2019

The formula for marketing success in 2019 = use the right platforms + post “low-production” content that’s relatable to consumers + share personalized messaging that speaks to your audience’s needs. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? No? Allow me to elaborate. Last week at Social Media Week NYC, I had the pleasure of mingling with 2,500+ peers […]

Social Media Week London Recap (Infographic)

by Prita Das| October 1, 2014

Last week the Ketchum UK Digital team hosted Flashdance for Brands in our London office and criss-crossed London to attend discussions by brands, agencies, and tech companies, all in the name of Social Media Week London 2014… or #SMWLDN. The week-long event hosted a fantastic collection of sessions, and our roving reporters were able to […]

Social Media Week London: Flashdance for Brands

by Paul Middleton| September 25, 2014

For the Ketchum London team, day three of Social Media Week London centered around a #SMWLDN event at our Shoreditch office. The event, “Flashdance For Brands,” was a platform to discuss the reality of always-on communications and what it takes for brands to succeed in an always-connected social world. Our own Andrew Jennings chaired a […]

Social Media Week London: The Social Pipeline

by Paul Middleton| September 25, 2014

For the Ketchum London team, which I am a member of, day two of Social Media Week London kicked off at the #SMWLDN headquarters in Holborn. Here are my top six takeaways from the day…

Social Media Week London Day One: First Impressions

by Andrew Jennings and Kim Isaacs| September 23, 2014

Day one of Social Media Week London kicked off for the Ketchum UK team at the National Gallery where Rob Blackie of Ogilvy presented on, “5 things to add social value to your customer journey.” Social, according to Rob, is a layer on top of which sits invaluable user experiences for brands and businesses alike […]

Social Media and Your Employees – A Report From #SMWKetchum

by Paul Middleton| October 1, 2013

Not so long ago a question for The Board was whether to allow access to social media in the workplace. Some companies chose to say; ‘yes – we trust our people, there are opportunities here, and normal management oversight applies.’ Some organizations chose to say; ‘yes, but we want to support our people with policy, […]