Paul M. Rand Speaks at Northwestern University’s IMC Convocation

by Editor| July 10, 2012

This post was originally posted on the Zocalo Group blog and was recently shared by Brian Solis on his blog. Living a Recommendable Life. Zócalo Group President and CEO, Paul M. Rand, explored that topic when he delivered the convocation address for Northwestern University’s IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) program June 16, 2012. Paul explained that […]

Photos from the Aspen Ideas Festival

by Sarah Unger| July 6, 2012

I’ve had an amazing time attending the Aspen Ideas Festival during the past few days. Here are some photos I’ve taken along the way.

TiVo for Ideas

by Sarah Unger| July 5, 2012

At the grand opening of the Aspen Ideas Festival, some of the most noteworthy speakers flew through two-minute presentations on their vision of the next big thing.  Hearing large-scale concepts effortlessly shortened into two-minutes made TED’s 18-minute presentation time seem long-winded. And what two-minute idea caught me by surprise? A direct endorsement of Ketchum’s idea […]

How Can Creativity Enhance Reputation and Brands?

by Christophe Hermet| December 16, 2011

This post originally appeared in Perspectives, Ketchum’s online magazine. However one defines creativity (original, disruptive, outstanding, aesthetic, humoristic, fun), it can be seen as the phenomenon of something of value emerging into existence – being “new,” so to speak. To be or create something “new” is paramount for a company or brand to stand out […]

Creativity: So Tangible You Can Touch It

by Sarah Unger| December 15, 2011

More often than not, “creatives” get chided by “non-creatives” for coming up with ideas in a vacuum — ideating in a pink-pony-laden fantasy world where anything goes and the sky is the limit. Admittedly, this is the mental atmosphere one should be in for brainstorming, yes. But come on, at the end of the day, clients […]

How Can Creativity Drive News?

by Corinne Gudovic| December 14, 2011

This post originally appeared in Perspectives, Ketchum’s online magazine. If a creative idea is truly novel or big enough, that alone can be enough to drive news. But more often, creativity needs to move from simply being different to addressing a need or solving a problem. What worked so well for the Friskies cat-cam program […]