What COVID-19 Vaccines Mean for Employees and Customers 

by Ketchum| December 11, 2020

The milestone we’ve waited for throughout 2020 has finally arrived. Vaccines to protect against the COVID-19 virus are winning approval, moving through supply chains, and beginning to be administered.  As this process unfolds, there will be many factors companies can’t control, like the local availability of vaccine doses. But what they can control may go a long way toward helping employees and customers through the next […]

The COVID Vaccine and the Case for Responsible Communications

by Con Franklin| September 22, 2020

The world-renowned Canadian immunologist Professor Sir John Bell has consistently been one of the most informative, illuminating voices in media interviews about the status of research and development toward a mass-scale COVID vaccine. In the face of difficult journalist questions—”Why not sooner?” “Why is it taking so long?”—he has often provided calm, dispassionate explanations around […]

COVID Perception Shift: A Surprising Reputation Halo for Health Insurers

by Kelly Calabria| September 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is demanding swift adaptability from us all – parents and teachers, restaurants and retail, and, of course, all aspects of our health care infrastructure. Some of the most surprising examples of adaptability come from health insurers, who acted quickly to put people first. They waived cost sharing for testing and treatment. They expanded access to telehealth and virtual care. They adapted to care provider needs for payment and protocols, and they gave time, money […]

Predicting Tomorrow’s Public Health Priorities from Today’s Experiences

by Laura Vinci| May 7, 2020

As organizations across the healthcare spectrum look toward life after the curve flattens, the healthcare industry as we know it will be changed forever. As the novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in our communities, it’s also beginning to shine a spotlight on existing health disparities that can no longer be ignored. The issues that […]

The $2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus: How Health Systems Manage Current Needs and Recovery

by Luke Dickinson| March 31, 2020

A few days ago, President Trump signed into law a $2 trillion bill to address the impact of the coronavirus (COVID–19) – the largest emergency relief package in U.S. history. Approximately $100 billion of that total is allocated to health systems and hospitals on the front lines of the crisis.   With healthcare professionals among the hardest hit, the need for financial resources, increased capacity, protective gear and supplies is great. Hospital CEOs are responding in force with public reassurance and innovative strategies, but the financial outlook is […]

Making 2020 the Year of Evidence-Based Communications

by Con Franklin| January 13, 2020

“We’ve gone from hardly any data to way too much,” the director of a global health advocacy organization told me over a recent coffee. I understand the sentiment. Twenty years ago, we typically based health PR and medical communications work on a heavy dose of hypothesis. We’d determine that an unmet need for information about a disease existed, and then attempt […]