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Easy to Criticise – Harder to Get It Right

by John Bailey | April 21, 2017

Now that the dust is settling on the United Airlines saga, what else is there to say about this latest example of the power of unhappy customers armed with smartphones to turn a badly-handled service issue into a full-blown reputation firestorm? This one ticked all the boxes, with screaming headlines, stern editorials, social media memes, […]

Reputation Management: A Blueprint for 2017

by John Bradbury | February 8, 2017

2017, a year of significant change in many parts of the world for sure. What will it hold for organizations in the area of reputation management? A new year always brings new challenges in an ever-evolving reputational threat landscape. But it also inevitably includes imperatives which are seemingly timeless and risks we can anticipate year […]

The Seven Deadly Sins of Online Reputation Management

by Ludi Garcia | February 13, 2014

Online and offline crises share a number of similarities, which means monitoring and a plan based on a prompt and credible response can help companies avoid or minimize a major negative impact. However, the way to achieve this in the online world is challenging. The Internet is a catalyst that breaks the barriers of time […]

Superstorm Sandy: Approaches to Consider for Emergency and Citizenship Communications

by James Donnelly | October 31, 2012

Corporate communicators may be wondering how to support either emergency communications to employees/customers, or humanitarian efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Here’s a quick list of top approaches to consider:

GoDaddy.com Hits Crisis Mode

by Ryan Shell | September 11, 2012

GoDaddy.com crashed on Monday, September 10th, and it took thousands of other sites down with it. Simply put, GoDaddy.com was hacked and their DNS servers were taken down went down faced an internal error prompting a cascade of crashes. In  layman’s terms, this means if you purchased a domain or host your site with the […]

Pick Your Battles Wisely – an Arm Wrestle is Sometimes Better than Full-Scale Combat

by Alicia Mistry | May 11, 2012

If the PR world teaches us practitioners one thing, it’s learn to pick your battles. I appreciate, it is often far easier for us to counsel our clients to say something rather than say nothing – being thought-provoking makes people sit up and take notice after all. Being silent on the other hand can provoke […]