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Camp Ketchum: The Future Is in Talented Hands

by Peter Otten| July 22, 2015

I recently had the privilege of being one of two Head Counselors at Camp Ketchum. This year the training program for 80 of our brightest professionals was held in my home country, Belgium, in an old but stunningly renovated locale, Abbaye de la Ramée. In 2002, I had the pleasure of being a Camper myself. […]

Camp Ketchum: An Idea Ahead of its Time

by Rob Flaherty| July 15, 2015

Prescient: To know beforehand; having foresight. The original architects of Camp Ketchum 35 years ago couldn’t possibly have foreseen all of the dynamic change in our industry and how we work today. Yet the competitive team structure at Camp Ketchum, our week-long training program, is an ideal laboratory for the way we serve clients in […]

A Look Back at Camp Ketchum

by Simone Hoch| September 4, 2013

Camp Ketchum may be over, but the lessons and memories from Camp are still fresh in everyone’s minds. Following the end of Camp Ketchum, a week-long intensive training for 83 Ketchum employees from all around the world, it immediately started to have clear applications to the campers’ daily work in their home offices and an […]

The Laboratory Called Camp Ketchum

by Rob Flaherty| August 2, 2013

Camp Ketchum, which has been in existence since 1986, has always been a context to teach new techniques and best practices.  It has also always been a way for us to perpetuate our culture of collaboration, competitiveness and creativity. But this year, more than any other, it was a laboratory in which to test, validate […]

Camp Ketchum: Winning on the Communication Battlefield

by Stephen Waddington| July 26, 2013

The fragmentation of media brought about by the Internet has made engagement between an organization and its audiences more complicated than ever before. But there is also a significant upside. Digital and social forms of media make it easier to understand audience behaviors and motivations. The result is that communications has an emerging role at […]

Camp Ketchum in Pictures

by Editor| July 26, 2013

Camp Ketchum 2013 got underway on Wednesday. 83 campers from around Ketchum’s global network congregated in Mont Tremblant, Canada for an intensive off-site training experience. The campers dove right in to the five-day  program with a community service project. The town of La Conception experienced a gas leakage a few years ago that contaminated their […]