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Is Size Relevant When Measuring Creativity?

by Debbi Reinschmiedt| October 28, 2013

That, of course, depends on what you’re measuring, how the things being measured relate to one another in the context of the measurement, and most importantly, why it’s being measured. I find this question particularly challenging in the context of measuring creativity. Creativity is both an art and a science requiring imagination and skill. And, […]

If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…

by Charlotte Haigh| October 14, 2013

One of the “perks” of my job is being able to attend conferences. Since inspiration can come from anywhere and I work on clients ranging from banking services to booze, it’s important that I step out of the office and soak up knowledge from a seat in a slightly cramped auditorium every once in a […]

Public Relations and the Democratization of Popular Culture

by Editor| September 30, 2013

Popularity can be a confounding measuring stick. Consider common catch-phrases used to describe things that are notable, talked-about and desirable: The top download on iTunes; The number-one movie in the country; A New York Times best seller; The most tweeted meme; The season’s hottest color; The most popular girl in school. Each suggests some level of […]

Affording Creativity: Change Your Definition

by Brian Keenan| September 16, 2013

I work with ideas all day. I see their genesis, appreciate their value and applaud their implementation. I also believe they should be paid for, despite a climate that favors paying only for implementation and not conceptualization. Not “affording” idea development, I contend, is short-term thinking. In fact, paying for ideas is how to stay […]

Creativity Sparks: The Anti-vacuum Approach to Break Through Creative

by Danny Whatmough| September 2, 2013

When it comes to thinking about creativity, my mind often lands on this truth: nothing is original, everything is unique. All that we create is in some way based on another idea that inspired us; the fire resulting from some igniting spark. We certainly don’t create in a vacuum.  Yet everything we create is inherently different […]

No Details, No Creativity

by George Gu| August 19, 2013

Everyone likes stunning slogans, ground-breaking events and big, break through ideas. However, few people think through the details when speaking of creativity. We pay more attention to details at the execution level, but what is oft overlooked is the importance of details in the creative process. In contrast to my Madison Avenue colleagues, I largely […]