The Scoop on Mobile App Promotion and App Store Optimization (PART 3)

by Katherine Watier Ong| October 16, 2014

In part three of our four-part series discussing app promotion and optimization, I wanted to share some tips for app store optimization. Or, said another way: How can you be sure users will be able to find your app in the store? Sixty-three percent of apps are discovered through app store searches, with others discovered via […]

The Scoop on Mobile App Promotion and App Store Optimization (Part I)

by Katherine Watier Ong| August 21, 2014

Part 1: The Lay of the Land–App Discovery Developing and launching a successful mobile app can become (and inevitably will be) a complex and laborious process. In what will be a four part series of blog posts, I’ll attempt to identify common mistakes, demystify popular platforms, and educate with recent data…all so we can better […]

Big Brands Learn to Speak ‘Challenger’ at Super Bowl

by Kelley Skoloda| February 4, 2014

No one would argue that we don’t live in challenging times. To survive, consumers, influencers, media and some brands have changed their mindset and behavior. They are more nimble, do more with less, act in real-time and challenge the status quo. The Super Bowl is one of those moments in time when marketing strategies of […]

Three Trends from CES That I’d Bet On

by Kelley Skoloda| January 17, 2014

While I am not a big gambler, after a week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, I am betting on several trends to hit the jackpot in the not-to-distant future. One faces great odds trying to find a handful of winning trends, considering you share the 1.9 million square foot show floor […]

No Cannes Do

by Kelley Skoloda| June 20, 2012

Last year, when I attended Cannes, I was impressed by a number of the individual presenters – like Robert Redford, and notable business leaders – as well as intrigued by the big-picture trends that percolated over the course of the week, such as purpose-driven brands. Since I arrived at this year’s festival, the presenters […]

M2W Conference 2012: Two Topics that took Me by Surprise

by Kelley Skoloda| April 27, 2012

This year’s Marketing-to-Women (M2W) Conference was packed full of research, data, cases and companies that show how marketing-to-women makes great business sense. Not surprising, given it is a marketing-to-women conference. It was even suggested that “marketing-to-women” be called simply “marketing” after a research presentation based on interviews with 20,000 consumers worldwide revealed that women’s purchasing […]