What Does ‘Respect the Internet’ Mean to You?

Once panelists from this year’s “Respect the Internet” exited the stage, we took them to the green room with the goal of getting them to answer one question: “What does it mean to respect the Internet?”

A few highlights from their responses are below, but you’ll want to watch the short video to hear from more panelists and to get more in-depth responses.

And when you are done, feel free to answer the question by leaving a response in the comments section.

  • David Weinberger, Author, Cluetrain Manifesto: “It means respect our Internet. The Internet is ours. It belongs to the people who use it, who create it and who are interested in one another and what we are doing.
  • Jeff Simmermon, Director of Digital Communications, Time Warner Cable: “The Internet is just a collective outpouring of human beings that happens to be searchable and updatable constantly. You’re really talking about respecting people and the way they express themselves.”
    Erik Martin, General Manager, Redditt: “It means to appreciate the Internet for what it is, and a big part of that as it relates to brands, is that the Internet is messy.”