What do clouds & digital integration have in common?

As a digital strategist I know my fair share about digital integration within agencies. Living in London, I also know quite a bit about the rain – stay with me here.

Rain can be a nuisance, but it’s that same rain that helps flowers, plants and crops grow big and strong.

If you want a strong digital business offering to take to market, one that takes into account the integration of new teams and team members, as well as a sound approach for managing any change management issues that may arise – you need to make it rain. And what does any digital rainmaker need to feed his crops? A C.L.O.U.D. of course.

Your digital culture should be one that fosters the embracing of technological change and has the willingness to try new things both inside and outside of the business box (click to tweet). Without a strong cultural foundation and guiding principles leading the way – you are lost. This needs to be led from the top down and maintained by all team leaders.

All leaders should lead by example, aligning their culture in a consistent and authentic way through their actions. But in today’s Millennials-driven work culture, that’s simply not enough. You must allow a way in, a place where voices can be heard and professionals feel empowered to collaborate with leadership, imitate successful styles and lead within their respective lanes.

Giving professionals clearly defined objectives helps them understand what they are aiming for and what they need to do to succeed, particularly in a project-based deadline-driven digital environment. How can I know how much more corn I need to grow next year to feed my growing without understanding my current yield?

Teaching the next generation how to farm should be an everyday activity. In an ever-evolving technological age, teaching up-and-coming “farmers” how to properly plough is a short-term process with two long-term objectives: talent retention and client satisfaction. Beyond the nuts and bolts, regularly share interesting digital work with your team and explain why it’s interesting and what business insights can be deduced. Start conversations! Make the learning process fun and rewarding – otherwise your talented growers will depart to a competitors’ farm.

Direction, much like Objectives, needs to be communicated consistently, simply and clearly if you want to flourish as a team. Putting your digital strategists in a position to succeed may be the last step listed, but it is paramount to the success of any assignment. Set expectations both from a managerial and client-side perspective from the jump to ensure your team is aligned on all facets of the work.