This Week’s Inspiration: Animated Science

Check out some of the most eye-catching campaigns and inspiring innovations shared throughout the past week by members of our global Creative Community.

An Animated Ode to a Flower (and the Beauty of Knowledge)
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman was not only a brilliant scientist – he was also a brilliant popularizer who connected science with the wider world through storytelling and humor. His ability to break through boundaries and inspire across disciplines is fully evident in this short film, created by animator Fraser Davidson to illustrate a segment from a 1981 interview. Watch it both for its artistry and for Feynman’s ideas about how creativity only grows with knowledge of the world around us.

A Truly Eye-Opening Video
Selected by Amy Jackson

Thanks to Instagram, anyone can be a photographer – even blind people. Using an iPhone, Tommy Edison takes pictures of scenes from his life and shares them with his followers, showing us the world through a completely different set of eyes. This teaches one to look at challenges creatively and not see them as obstacles for experience, whether it’s one’s own experiences or programs for clients.

A Book Full of Storytelling Tips
Selected by Alexander Watson

This highly entertaining book is a must-read on your commute home. It beautifully unpacks the art of storytelling in leadership positioning and provides easy, bite-sized tips at the end of each chapter. Not only will it equip one with fresh PR jargon, but also it really will help one acquire polished break through storytelling skills. Insights come from the other side of the fence – the author, Gavin Esler, has 30 years’ experience as a leading journalist.