The Evolving Energy Story

May 7, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-179116194Annually, at the end of April, energy experts from around the world gather in Houston, Texas for Cambridge Energy Resources Week (CERA) to discuss industry issues and opportunities, and share their visions of the future. This year, Ketchum Energy simultaneously sponsored an energy communications symposium in Houston in an effort to learn from these energy sector leaders.

The intersection of these two gatherings left me inspired and gave me some time to reflect on the evolution of energy communications. Here are a few of my “take-homes” from the conference:

1. Define Your Story
The energy industry is at a pivot point in its maturation whereby it must own its narrative about the opportunities it brings to the lives of billions of people around the world every day (click to tweet). Helping people recognize that energy is the backbone of the global economy should be at the top of all energy brands’ to-do list.

2. Discover Your Digital Channels
There are more channels and platforms than ever before for brands to engage with their communities. These communications platforms allow the energy industry to engage in thoughtful and authentic conversations. Define perception by answering questions and being active on the channels that work best for you.

3. Declare Your Allegiance to Millennials
The energy industry relies on hundreds of thousands of skilled people, the majority of whom will leave the workforce in the next 15 years. Now is the time to engage, recruit and retain the millions of Gen-Y’ers and Millennials who will make up the future workforce. Design your company’s unique strategy to reach and resonate with these influential generations.

The global energy industry is at its best when engaging in authentic conversations at a time when the resources it provides affects people in every aspect of daily life, far beyond the pump and the light switch.

As energy demand grows, communicators must put themselves in the right position to define the energy industry’s voice as the sector continues to tell its evolving story.


Ketchum clients have trusted this communications leader for strategic and creative counsel since 2004 when he joined Ketchum. Today, as partner, managing director and portfolio leader, Peters leverages his 27 years of public relations experience in the ever-evolving retail sector by working with client teams to drive feet to store (brick and mortar) and clicks to sites (e-tail). Engagement ranging from product and brand launches, media relations, franchisee & employee engagement, store openings, corporate reputation & crisis management and path-to-purchase messaging.

Peters is a retail expert, having collaborated on projects in grocery, food service and dining, QSR, general merchandise stores, convenience and gas stations, home improvement, health and personal care, electronics and e-commerce.

Peters is a self-acclaimed barbeque connoisseur and chef. He and his wife do their best to raise their teens in Dallas, along with a wily five-year-old Catahoula hound dog.