Social Media Week London Recap (Infographic)

Last week the Ketchum UK Digital team hosted Flashdance for Brands in our London office and criss-crossed London to attend discussions by brands, agencies, and tech companies, all in the name of Social Media Week London 2014… or #SMWLDN.

The week-long event hosted a fantastic collection of sessions, and our roving reporters were able to attend thoughtful and inspiring presentations on topics ranging from the always-on newsroom and brand journalism, to the importance of A/B testing, measurement and, the holy grail du jour of the modern marketer, storytelling.

To contextualize and celebrate the volume and power of the conversations that #SMWLDN had generated (in 2014 more than ever before) we’ve put together an infographic distilling the key insights from the week:

  • The volume of #SMWLDN traffic generated
  • Highlights from the stage
  • Tweeters to look out for
  • The themes on everyone’s lips
  • Which platforms were the hottest

These takeaways provide valuable food for thought for communicators. Content is still king, but how it is used and where it is amplified is taking on increasing importance. How can you continue evolve and deliver messages that consistently break through to target audiences?

For additional insights during our Social Media Week London experience, please read:

See you at Social Media Week 2015!