Six Principles of Client Relationships

Six PrinciplesAt Ketchum, we get that it’s a people business and the way to build trust with clients and gain a real understanding of their audiences is in-person through deep listening, probing conversation and true collaboration as business partners. We believe the trust we’ve built with our clients is why we have such enduring relationships and why we’ve been so successful.

These are the principles we follow to build that trust:

#1:  We listen fearlessly… to what others have to say.

Are we good listeners? Impartial? Open to what the other has to say? Even if it goes against our opinions and beliefs? Listening. It’s harder than you think.

#2:  We put ourselves in other people’s shoes… and integrate new ideas and perspectives.

Our goal is to understand our clients. We can only succeed in this if we learn to adopt new perspectives. What drives our clients, what are their goals? What environments do they operate in?

#3:  We take a holistic approach… which places demands on our cognitive abilities as well as our emotional intelligence. 

The ability to listen unconditionally is the basis for giving good advice. That is why we always begin by asking questions. The right questions, because the quality of our questions determines the quality of the answers. And the right questions also help clients to see their goals more clearly.

#4:  We are solution-oriented… it is the result that counts.

We take our clients and their mandates seriously. We ask, listen, develop a point of view and advise. And then we act.

#5:  We collaborate… within our team, within our network and with all nationalities.

Collaboration means working within a team and beyond to meet our broader goals and those of our clients. We strive to constantly improve communication and collaboration within our network.

#6:  We enjoy it… our work goes beyond the ordinary and makes us happy.

What are our strengths and what drives us? What stimulates us and where do we develop real passion? What is important is that we remember what motivates us personally. Performance and fun need not be a contradiction, on the contrary.

These principles are what differentiate us and what help us build strong relationships and ultimately differentiate our clients.