My First Time at TED


The one mind-blowing, brain-enhancing event that everyone wants to experience. I haven’t met a single person familiar with TED who doesn’t wish they could be up there on the podium, presenting worthy material in a concise format, landing on revelatory insights to share with a broad audience (made only broader by the viral pass-along for which TED videos are so renowned).

Needless to say, I’m more than enthused (thrilled is an understatement) to be attending TEDActive this week – the interactive TED viewing party that transforms the 2012 TEDTalks into next-level experiences, in the desert of Palm Springs surrounded by fellow innovators, entrepreneurs, catalysts, and maybe even some crazies (who knows what could happen!)

The schedule has been somewhat of an enigma, but I do know that today, before the talks actually kick off, I’ll be touring (My chosen TED excursion) the local Cabazon and Whitewater Hill wind farms, getting up close and personal with the turbines and taking a behind-the-scenes look at alternate energy generation.

So how does one prepare to be a human receptacle of information? Mind-clearing meditation is one approach, but let’s be honest – I’m not that karmic.

Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing about a slew of disparate topics and finding the relevance for our Ketchum community. Using our break through filter – expect to hear from me on-site with some notable quotes from the enigmatic experience. Perhaps for one week, you can change your morning ritual to perusing our “Heard at TED” posts. Your mind will thank you! (But will my mind explode? It’s a very intriguing possibility.)

PS – Ever wondered what TED stands for? Technology, Entertainment and Design.