Monitoring Social Media Week

Social Media Week London has begun with the anticipated explosion of online conversation and Ketchum Pleon has taken on the challenge of capturing this buzz with a special series of daily snapshots.

Working with social media monitoring solution, Metrica Radar, we’ve been tracking the online conversations and looking at what’s prompting chatter in London..

We’ll be creating a series of infographics as the week progresses but here’s what went on in day one…..

We were expecting a surge in the use of words like “influence” or “collaboration” but it seems these terms might have had their day. The top words for the opening of social media week included “future”, “business”, and “live streamed”. “Nokia” also featured prominently up there, which is not surprising given how many great things they’re running this week. And the free taxi rides they are providing.

Buzz topics throughout the day included Chinwag’s “Mind the Gap” session, during which @natalie_l_lloyd agreed “lot of truth in finding corporates don’t fully understand these online media positions they are hiring for”; and LikeMinds’ “Future of Brand Communications”, which fired up conversation around employee social media regulation.

Whilst a lot of the first day chatter consisted of “I’m here” tweets and recommendations for must attend events, here are a few of the quotes that have stood out online –

“You can’t expect your employees to be doing email at 11pm and yet not allow them to Facebook at 11am”  (@lesanto)

“Social Strategy is not about FB, Twitter or G+, it’s how to connect & engage with customers #LikeMinds” (@julietchen)

“The notion of (the) scoop is beginning to disintegrate” #smwldn (@iaindodsworth)

“Stop thinking campaigns and start thinking conversations #SMW4X4 #smwldn” (@seamery)

“The reason we all use social media isn’t because it’s changed the way behave, it’s because it supports the way we behave.”#SMW4X4 #SMWLDN” (@TheSociabulls)

Keep tuned – it promises to be an exciting week!