How to Achieve Success with Less Stress (Video)

As Seen In PRWeek…

At this time of year, tips for managing our energy and reducing stress are always handy. With that spirit in mind, I recently had the pleasure of moderating a panel in Chicago comprised of some remarkable female leaders during Omnicom’s Omniwomen event.

The panel, “Intentional Living: Being more Proactive Under Stress,” featured Sharon Melnick, author of “Success Under Stress,” and fellow panelists: Morgan Flatley, CMO, Gatorade and Propel, Robin Shapiro, president and CCO, CAHG, and Tonise Paul, president and CEO, Energy BBDO. Janet Riccio, EVP Omnicom Group and leader of Omniwomen, introduced the panel.

The group gave many wonderful tips, relevant to everyone, but three insights I personally took away were…

1. The 50% rule, which focuses on what you can control and spending more time on productive outcomes. With the average person interrupted seven times an hour, it is easy to be reactive vs. intentional.

2. It’s not about stress management – it is about self management. The panel offered several great insights for how to take more control of your day in a service-oriented business. If leaders set the weather, then we all have a role to play in creating more sunny days.

3. Your mind follows your breath, so the best way to reduce stress is to change your breathing pattern to help on those sleepless nights.