Heard at the World Economic Forum on Latin America

My second day at WEF Latin America proved to be sobering as we dove into the world’s deepest crises. Here’s a wrap up of the day in quotes…

  1. “The Euro crisis is very profound and if we don’t strengthen financial institutions we risk further contagion.”  –Martin Senn, CEO, Zurich Insurance Group
  2. “Latin America is cause for optimism–its banking system is more than sound compared to Europe’s, and Mexico’s free trade policy promises prosperity.” –Martin Senn
  3. “We will soon need to feed ‘2 more Chinas’ — yet 800 million go to bed hungry today. The world needs private investment so we can produce enough food using the same amount of water and land.” –Angel Gurria, Secretary-General, Organization for Economic Development
  4. “We run a serious risk of losing a generation of future innovators if we don’t solve the global youth unemployment crisis.” –Jeffrey Joerres, Chairman and CEO, Manpower Group
  5. “The talent/skill mismatch is expanding–companies need to offer more apprenticeships –and we need to bring honor back to skilled trades.” —Jeffrey Joerres
  6. “America’s drug control policies are directly responsible for much of the drug-related violence and organized crime in Latin America.” —Ethan Nadelmann, Director, Drug Policy Alliance (USA)
  7. “We are not stupid. America has had a drug control policy for 40 years based on prevention, treatment and enforcement. Results take decades.” —William Brownfield, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, Dept of State (USA)
  8. “Prohibition (of alcohol) happened because people could envision it. The problem is our government can’t envision a prohibition on drugs.” —Ethan Nadelmann
  9. “The US Government is open for debate on drug policy. We expect a proposal with specifics.”–William Brownfield
  10. “The way to reduce the harm of drugs is for America to decriminalize possession, legalize cannibas, and open government clinics for addicts–just like the Swiss and Dutch did.” —Ethan Nadelmann

I left WEF fired up so I contacted Ethan Nadelmann and offered  to help spread his brave message.

Getting outside of our cocoons to make a difference has never been so important. I’d urge you to do so today.

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