Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Oct. 28

Is “respecting the Internet” as simple as “respecting people”? What is the future of alarm-clock technology? How do your posts ripple across the online world? And how cool does water – yes, water – look in super slow motion? Find out in this week’s “Tweets from Peeps” and let us know your thoughts.

By @benphoster “Creating Movements and Cause Marketing: Dreams Can Come True by @hardlynormal”

By @andradamorar “Gotta love @adanzis and his geeky passions. ‘Four ‘Un-alarm Clocks’ that Make You a Better Sleeper #Ketchum

By @jnbblues RT “5 Tips for Pitching Infographics « The WOMMA Word via @arikhanson”

By @JonathanKopp “New G+ RIpples – – shows visualization of your posts traveling across social circles. Incredibly cool!”

By @girisham1 “O.M.G. RT @DoelTrivedy: stunning and jaw dropping! “@petapixel: Giant waves captured in super slow-mo:

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