Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Oct. 21

How much has the number of Twitter users logging in each day changed since January? Will teens give up Facebook for Google+? And how game-changing is Instagram’s photo-enhancing app? Find out in this week’s “Tweets from Peeps” and let us know your thoughts.

By @jnbblues “Infographic: Why Content For SEO?… via @sengineland

By @davidheiser “RT @kcgeen: 50% of #Twitter‘s 100 million active users log in every day (big climb since january) #sm

By @ryanshell “I seriously doubt this will happen. “Teenagers Will, Like, Totally Abandon Facebook for Google+”

By @giannicatalfamo “RT @google: The Street View takes to the train tracks to capture the stunning Swiss Alps

By @adanzis “Great write-up of Instagram in USA Today: Used it on my iPad 2 in France. Loved. Can’t wait to try on iPhone. . .”

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