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5G Impact Report

Samsung wanted to expand the market for its 5G enabled devices but 5G roll-out in Belgium was in a political stalemate. Samsung challenged us with finding a way to enter the 5G debate and steer the conversation in a positive new direction.


Brand DNA: Samsung’s future 5G technology will mean much more than a fast-mobile connection; it will elevate digital innovations to a whole new level.  

Truth of the moment: Delaying 5G adoption was putting Belgium industries at a serious and costly competitive disadvantage. 

Audience truth: 5G was a controversial topic with a lot of chatter around the subject but without a lot of trustworthy sources available to stakeholders. 

Strategic intent:

Create a research report to jumpstart conversations and meetings with politicians, academia and media, and advance news-making recommendations. 

Creative idea:

We worked with Samsung to marshal their leading 5G expertise and technology research and released the first 5G Impact Report. The report shared the vision of Samsung experts on the value of 5G for Belgian society and the nation’s key industries such as healthcare and transport. 


The launch of the 5G Impact Report resulted in the establishment of Samsung as a key player in the Belgian 5G discourse amongst all our key stakeholder groups. Coverage in tier 1 national media advocated for the rapid deployment of 5G in the country and resulted in invitations to one-on-one meetings with Belgium’s key political figures. 


Steven Platteeuw

Consumer Goods & Technology Lead


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