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Because There Is More To Do

Pharma companies all have similar mission statements centered on the patient. To increase its brand awareness, BMS had to differentiate through action rather than mere statements.


Brand DNA: BMS is committed to compassionate science and putting patients first. 

Truth of the moment: During the pandemic, public attention towards mental health and holistic patient care has skyrocketed.  

Audience insight: Openness and honesty are key elements of building stakeholder trust. 

Strategic intent: 

Lead a public conversation on what more the pharma industry can do for patients beyond developing medicines – and drive collaboration for more humanity in patient care. 

Creative idea:

BMS often conducts surveys to gather stakeholders’ perspectives, then uses these reports to inform plans. But what if we made the stakeholder feedback into a public campaign in itself? 

‘Because There Is More To Do’ became the red thread theme of a 16-month campaign in eight European markets. BMS listened in a transparent and meaningful way through a Europe-wide survey, reflecting and responding in open dialogues, and co-creating with healthcare stakeholders to deliver tangible solutions for more humanity in patient care.   


Our aim was to create maximum visibility for ‘Because There Is More To Do’ and BMS’ vision through paid, earned, shared and owned media. The integrated campaign achieved 10 million impressions, with CTR above benchmarks and website traffic growth of 150% across markets.


Jacinta De Deckere

Healthcare Lead, Brand & Corporate Reputation


Content creation


Integrated campaign

Media & stakeholder relations