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Integrated communications with ‘earned thinking’ at the core

In today’s world, you can no longer buy attention, you must earn it. Traditional paid advertising campaigns are just not enough anymore. That’s why effective campaigns increasingly have PR ‘built-in’.

Ketchum delivers work that matters.

The work we create not only earns people’s attention, it earns people’s time. Why? Because time is the most precious commodity we all have.

At Ketchum we believe in building trust with the consumer with earned-first creativity: taking ideas based on human truths which are deeply embedded in culture to build a narrative that earns compelling stories from media, influencers, customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Because when executed properly, earned-first creative ideas are long lasting and build meaningful relationships between the consumer and brand.

Ketchum delivers work with impact.

At Ketchum we develop integrated communications strategies with our unique blend of empathy + intelligence – which translates to a deep understanding of your target audience and culture powered by data and analytics, leading to work that has impact.

To exert influence takes understanding – to understand takes empathy. To be able to place yourselves in another’s shoes or relate to their perspective. And to be able to wield empathy as a tool – that takes intelligence. Ketchum uses market intelligence gathered through proprietary and licensed methods, combined with the diversity of perspective and lived experience that comes with an agency that is populated with talent from a wide range of backgrounds.

This intersection of empathy and intelligence grants us the power to exert the influence that our clients demand.

Jeroen Fermie

Jeroen oversees the agency’s operations and ensures we have the right capabilities to deliver innovative and high-impact work for clients. He empowers the team to deliver on our mission of delivering work that matters by bringing together the different expertise and client service teams into an integrated communications consultancy.

Jeroen brings 15+ years of experience counselling senior executives across the globe through significant business initiatives such as M&A, restructuring, crisis, and rebranding.

Most recently, Jeroen was the Executive Director of Golin in Hong Kong, leading the firm’s corporate reputation practice. Prior to that, he served as GM for MSL, Executive Director for TBWA in Vietnam, and Communications Director Europe for Campbell’s.​


Jeroen Fermie

Managing Director