Breaking the Sound Barrier

2014 has been another explosive year for music and brands. During this year’s Advertising Week, the Ketchum Sounds team assembled the best of music industry thought leaders to participate in a panel on how to effectively use communications to breakthrough with music!

I moderated a panel comprised of some phenomenal industry luminaries including Marcie Allen (Founder of MAC Presents), Matt Ringel (Red Light Management) and Ketchum clients Jeffrey Moran (Pernod Ricard), and Jessica Erskine (StubHub). The group presented to a packed house at B.B. Kings for a discussion on how, with uniquely positioned content and unconventional platforms, you can use the power of music to break through the music marketing clutter.

Each panelist presented a break through case study. Among them were Pernod’s (*client) partnership with Lady Gaga, StubHub’s (*client) Next Stage concert series and our own Wendy’s (*client) Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger campaign with Boyz II Men.

The panel uncovered some thought-provoking insights that we think could have a direct impact on the communications profession. Here were the top three takeaways from my vantage point:

1. Music marketing is on the rise in a BIG way, and more brands are taking the plunge into music as a fundamental component of their holistic marketing efforts.

2. Innovation is the key; the “same old” doesn’t cut it with today’s savvy and plugged-in consumers. The Victrola was a box, and brands are clearly thinking outside of it.

3. Artists are becoming increasingly aware of the residual benefits of partnering with brands to create original content, thus making them more open to collaboration and easier to work with.

After the panel, the Ketchum Sounds team surprised guests with a live performance by Grammy & Oscar winning rocker Melissa Etheridge, showing proof-of-concept that music presented with high impact and great timing can leave a lasting positive impression.