Break Through Buzz: Look What Washed Up

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

game of thronesLook What Washed Up
Selected by Jeff Campbell

What it is: In order to promote the arrival of Game of Thrones’ third season on the British streaming service Blinkbox, a 40-foot ‘dragon skull’ was installed by the company on a beach in Dorset – an extremely fossil-rich area known as the ‘Jurassic Coast.’ The skull was sculpted by a team of three over two months, and the installation has garnered huge amounts of online buzz.

What makes it break through:
Game of Thrones is one of the moment’s most talked-about TV programs, and this installation is whimsical, bold and clever enough to get people talking about it even more. Disrupting and delighting vacationers, it’s visually exciting, dynamic and highly sharable – perfect for social media and already plastered all over Instagram.

mix tapeMixing Up the Mix Tape
Selected by Angelica Carter

What it is: This modern version of the classic ‘Mix Tape’ is actually a secret USB drive you can use to share songs – complete with a matching plastic case!

What makes it break through: This is a great example of how to leverage nostalgia with a modern twist to resonate with your target audience. Oh, mix tapes, I heart you.

goliathA Modern David and Goliath Story
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

What it is: Italian journalist Pino Maniaci has spent the past 14 years self-broadcasting his own daily TV program exposing corruption by calling out local Mafia members by name. He has a home studio, his family is his staff, and he gets his material from local citizens who report wrongs to him instead of the police.

What makes it break through: Big budgets don’t make an impact – trust does. By serving his community with integrity, consistency and courage in the face of physical danger, Maniaci has become a potent communicator against all odds. Larger organizations can learn a lot from his humble yet powerful approach.

dirtyDirty Villains Doing Dirty Deeds
Selected by Charlotte Haigh

What it is: A series of quirky short videos for GQ depicting some of our favorite Hollywood ‘bad guys’ doing household chores in an ultra-sinister fashion.

What makes it break through: These vignettes show the power of storytelling and how elements like sound and light can really affect what we think is going on. You would never guess that these guys are washing dishes or chopping onions – I love the element of surprise at the end of each video.

thirteenWatch What You Watch
Selected by Hayley McLaughlin

What it is: Earlier this year, Thirteen, a PBS station in New York City, teamed up with CHI & Partners to roll out posters for fake TV shows designed to mock the state of reality television and show that their programming is better. Now, they’ve taken it one step further and created commercials for three new shows.

Why its break through: These hyperbolic ads walk the fine line between funny and insulting, inviting the audience to reflect on the state of television today. I know it made me think about the type of TV I watch – and wonder what alternatives this channel provides.