Break Through Buzz: Football Versus Football

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

nbcThe Difference Between Football and Football
Selected by Ben Foster

What it is:
NBC just won a big contract to carry all English soccer games in 2013-14 season. To publicize it, they created this video with comedian Jason Sudekis, who plays an American football coach who just got put in charge of the most wonderful club in England, Tottenham Hotspur.

What makes it break through: It plays on the initiative’s biggest weakness: Americans’ disdain and misunderstanding of soccer. NBC is promoting soccer to their target market by making fun of their target market – and it works. Much of the discussion on forums and even the top comments are people wanting this to be turned into a full-length film – it’s that good.

40 datesA Crash Course in Romance
Selected by Marcus Fischer

What it is:
Jessica and Tim, two friends from New York, were tired of dating, because all their efforts failed. So they decided to try an experiment: Could they help each other try harder and get rid of their bad habits by dating each other for 40 days? Their activities are documented online in daily interviews, videos and texts.

What makes it break through: This is creative, multimedia storytelling at its very best: lovable characters you can easily identify with, a human quest that you can emotionally relate to and a well-designed website. This project can serve as a blueprint for many communications programs, internal as well as external.

hello floA New Approach to a Rite of Passage
Selected by Deirdre Middleton

What it is:
Hello Flo, a new feminine care supply delivery company, launched a campaign with a very clever, subversive ad that secured four million YouTube views practically overnight.

What makes it break through:
By taking a hit-you-over-the-head approach to a time many women have distinct memories of and current opinions about, this video captured national attention and awareness about the brand’s new offering. This is a great example of using real audience insights and turning them on their head to drive conversation and engagement.

picture perfectA Picture-Perfect Vacation
Selected by Andrew Ager

What it is: British Airways has created a holiday planner with a different angle. Choose from the photos that embody the sort of holiday you are looking for, and BA will suggest locations based on the imagery you have chosen.

What makes it break through:
It’s SO simple. All you need to do is combine looks and feels for create your perfect getaway, and then BA will do the hard work for you. The results always include a surprising option you wouldn’t expect – I had never considered Fort Lauderdale as a destination, but I am now.

volcanoesGet Your Model Volcanoes Ready…
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

What it is:
GE is hosting a Six-Second Science Fair, inviting Web users to demonstrate scientific phenomena through short Vine videos.

What makes it break through
: An early adopter of Vine, GE posted its first #6secondscience video back in February, and both the concept and the original video have continued gaining traction ever since. By expanding the idea into a full interactive platform, with a Tumblr, a contest and contributions from Vine celebrities, they’re demonstrating how a quick, cool concept can be grown into something even bigger than the sum of its parts.