Posts:August 2013

Ketchum Releases “Well-th: Branding Wellness in the Workplace”

by Leslie Schrader| August 30, 2013

From the Affordable Care Act to the World Economic Forum’s Workplace Wellness Alliance, laws and organizations are placing increasing emphasis on the importance of workplace wellness, for both long-term employee and corporate health. When more than 50 percent of the working population spends the majority of their time at work[1] , the office is a […]

Four Lessons From Hanging Out With Google Glass

by Stephen Waddington| August 29, 2013

I caught up with Ketchum’s Ben Foster via a Google Hangout earlier this week. He’s a senior member of our US digital team and a teacher at DePaul University, Chicago. Foster has been trialling Google Glass for the last month or so, after making a pitch to be part of the #IfIHadGlass project. We talked […]

Facebook Makes Big Changes to Promotion Rules

by Danny Whatmough| August 28, 2013

Facebook has announced major changes that make it far easier to run competitions and promotions on Facebook Pages. In the past, it has been necessary to run all competitions on Facebook through an app. These latest changes make it possible for brands to run competitions directly on a Page’s timeline.

Don’t Think

by Bill Delaney| August 26, 2013

It’s a compliment to be fast on your feet. Right? In the athletic sense, definitely, but it refers to mental fleet-footedness too. Like when your boss fires a question at you in a meeting, and you respond quickly, knowingly, definitively, with maybe just a dash of worldly wise irony thrown in for good measure. You […]

Break Through Buzz: Focus on Photography

by Charlotte Haigh| August 23, 2013

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Ketchum Launches the Global Scholar Program

by Dale Bornstein| August 21, 2013

About eighteen years ago, when I was the director of brand marketing in Ketchum’s New York office, I had the unique opportunity to live and work in London for two months on a client assignment for Unilever. While there, I not only had continuity with my clients, but I also had the chance to integrate […]