What to Look for at the Groceryshop Conference, and Why

by James Peters| September 10, 2019

Personalization, convenience and value are what consumers demand and expect from retailers. The question for grocers is – how are you delivering on those expectations to drive growth? Winning the customer engagement game in grocery retail reality is ever-challenging, especially given the ongoing influence of online shopping and social media in the consumer lexicon. Such […]

Review Your Reviews to Gain Reputation- and Sales-Driving Insights

by James Peters and Mary Elizabeth Germaine| July 8, 2019

Do you know what people think about your product or service? What they really think?

Immerse Yourself in Experiential Retail with What’s in Store?

by James Peters| May 1, 2019

When my daughter arrived at college last fall to begin her freshman year, a popular retailer welcomed her with open arms just steps from her new dorm. They didn’t merely entice her with coupons and tchotchkes. Rather, they brought their wares to her via an on-campus pop-up store, enabling students (and parents) to shop, purchase […]

Shoptalk: Experiential Storytelling

by James Peters| March 8, 2019

The “talk” at Shoptalk was about customer-centric experiences and storytelling. Dozens of high-profile speakers from leading brands, combined with a bustling conference floor and more than 8,000 attendees networking in The Venetian in Las Vegas for four days, made for an annual event retailers could not miss. Ketchum will be back. The experiential-centric brands who […]

Shoptalk: Retail Collaborations Paving the Way

by James Peters| March 1, 2019

Retail, boring? No way! Retail is innovative, engaging and customized as competitive retailers answer consumers’ calls for convenience, choice and cost. This weekend, we head to Shoptalk in Las Vegas – a conference where retail experts and industry leaders discuss the latest trends, technologies and retail business models. One topic sure to dominate the conference […]

How Communicators Can Ride the 2019 Retail Revolution

by James Peters| January 17, 2019

The “war on retail” is a popular crisis-invoking phrase, but in fact, the retail landscape is far from crisis. Retail is vibrant and growing; new brands are emerging and known brands are reinventing themselves to meet today’s consumer shopping habits. Coming out of the National Retail Federation’s biggest show (NRF), I have put down a […]