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Dylan is a senior nutrition specialist on Ketchum’s team of Registered Dietitians. He works across food and nutrition accounts to ensure accuracy in reporting nutrition science and research communications.

To Create Breakthrough Nutrition Education Content, Check in with Chicken

by Dylan Bailey, MS, RD| September 3, 2020

Think about how much chicken you eat in a year. If you’re like the average American, that’s estimated to be some 96.1 pounds of chicken. You may find yourself buying so much chicken because, compared to other sources of protein, you’ve heard that it’s healthier, more convenient, has better family appeal, is affordable and even […]

Should You Salt Your Grapefruit? How the Food Science Research of Today Fuels the Communications of Tomorrow

by Dylan Bailey, MS, RD| July 11, 2018

Grapefruits can be bitter, so how do we make them have a more pleasurable taste? A light dusting of sugar is often the logical solution. But, there’s an alternative option to achieve a sweeter taste. Salt. How do we know this works? We have research to thank. Salt brands in the 1940s certainly did, as […]