Access and Emanate: Why We’re Better Together

We’re Access Emanate Communications
Susan Butenhoff

As Seen In…The Access Point

When the senior teams of Access and Emanate first met with each other in New York this summer, there was an immediate buzzing energy that filled the room. “These people…these people are just like us!” I remember thinking as brazen ideas, bold curse words, and contagious laughter coursed throughout our initial meeting. It was the start of something truly special.

That leads us to today and perhaps one of the biggest announcement in Access’s twenty four year history. Access and Emanate are merging to create a power boutique agency – an agency entrepreneurial in spirit and iconoclastic in attitude – able to provide the integrated communications services clients need today. Most importantly we know that the Access Emanate combination will deliver on Aristotle’s quote “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and that together we will be even more innovative and competitive that we could be individually.

Together we are creating a 200 person mid-size agency while keeping the shared values and passions that made our agencies unique in the first place. Our family of creative risk-takers, swat teams of media assassins and razor-sharp media strategists just got a lot bigger with greater scale and expanded skill sets while remaining committed to our scrappy and contrarian DNA.

Though our new combined offering, we will be better together with expanded digital and social offerings including new video capabilities, and a broader bench of senior management who can uniquely combine our market-leading innovation expertise with Emanate’s big brand knowledge developed from working with clients that include Philips Sonicare, Nivea, Philips and more. Additionally, by integrating with Emanate, Access will now be able to better serve clients in expanded geographies including our first entry into EMEA with a London office. In the U.S. we will double our presence in New York and strengthen our West coast presence with a Los Angeles office.

Access is excited. Emanate is excited. Get ready to start playing with us on an entire new level. We’re together. We’re better. We’re Access Emanate Communications.


We’re Access Emanate Communications
Nick Propper

As Seen In…Emanation

I could hear the laughter from way down the corridor as I approached the introductory meeting of our senior team with our counterparts at Access Communications. By the time I entered the room the atmosphere resembled some kind of happy college reunion. If this was an early indicator of how things were going to work out, then I knew we were in absolutely great shape.

And with that, I am delighted to announce that today marks a very special moment in Emanate’s history as we enter into a merger with Access. The coming together of these two independently successful and fiery agencies will create an offer that is ripe for this industry and all the change we’re experiencing. An agency that is entrepreneurial in spirit and iconoclastic in attitude. An agency able to provide the strategic integrated communications services our clients need today and for what’s around the corner.

Overnight our family will nearly double in size to 200 amazing colleagues consisting of strategic heavy hitters, creative risk-takers and market leading digital and media players. We’ll bring greater scale and expanded skill sets while remaining committed to our scrappy and contrarian DNA.

We will be able to seamlessly combine our expertise in consumer brand marketing, serving clients including RB, KFC, See’s Candies and Nivea, with Access’s incredible history and traction in the tech and innovation space from their work with clients such as Facebook, Blackberry, Intuit and EMC. The impact of technology on consumer behavior is moving at lightning speed and our combined agency will now have the breadth of senior talent and relevant experience to navigate it successfully on behalf of our clients.

Additionally, by integrating with Access, Emanate will now be able to broaden our client offer on the West Coast with a very a significant office in San Francisco, building on our existing presence in LA, whilst also doubling our presence in New York. And our London office will be able to provide an expanded roster of clients a great gateway into Europe.

All in all we’re set for some extremely exciting times. Get ready to start playing with us on an entirely new level. We’re together. We’re better. We’re Access Emanate Communications.