Winning the International Consultancy of the Year and Why Awards Matter

We’re celebrating this week an exciting honor that was years in the making and involved a giant cast of around 2,000 characters. But unlike the epic failure of Waterworld, Ketchum received the equivalent of a PR “Oscar” when we brought home the International Consultancy of the Year award at this year’s PRWeek gala along with a prestigious healthcare award with our Allergan client in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons, creating an exhilarating energy in the London office and beyond. 

While I’m as excited as the next colleague, it made me step back and ask: Why do we enter awards? There are probably many reasons, but let’s talk about three.

The Ketchum Pleon London team stands with the International Consultancy of the Year trophy.
First, clients want to work with winners.
We are in a service-driven business where we’re only as good as the results we deliver for clients. Awards provide proof that we can deliver an effective or creative communications program (and entries are vetted by third-party juries). More and more briefs coming in from clients and prospects these days are saying “We want to work with an award-winning agency.” 

Second, employees want to work with winners. Let’s face it, employees want to work for winners, too – don’t you? So for recruitment purposes, distinctions like agency of the year are attractive to potential employees who want to work with best-in-class communicators. And hopefully our award makes our people feel a little bit prouder, too.

And most of all – which the first two support — we do it for ourselves. We as PR consultants need to do our own PR and build our profile in an incredibly vibrant and competitive industry, and awards are a great way of doing that and making a name for ourselves. Winning this award has given every colleague at Ketchum a great reason to be proud and reach out to friends and family to share this blockbuster news. May we remain up the charts!